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Welcome to Respite Hume

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Respite Hume is an internet site designed to provide people with access to information about respite options. 

This website is, and will be, the up to date locator for all Disability Respite Information in the Hume Region of Victoria.

To find disability respite services, view Respite Finder

What is respite?

Respite means providing parents or carers with a break from their usual caring roles and duties, while providing a positive experience for the care recipient.  

It can take many different forms according to the needs of individual families and the services available. Respite can be planned or happen in response to a crisis or an emergency situation.

  • respite can happen at a regular time each week or at regular intervals or can be arranged only as required.
  • respite can last a few hours, overnight or for several days
  • respite can happen in a family home or in a facility in the community
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